The Bridal Party

MPMarie-Pierre Bélanger – Maid of Honor

MP is the bestest friend any girl could ever ask for! We first met in high school, and became close friends instantly!  At just 15, we had already made a pact that we would be roommates through university… and that we did! Rochie was my ultimate partner in all the crazy things you do in your teens and 20s, including a Thailand trek that left MP a little bruised up! And lucky for me, MP doesn’t go anywhere without her camera. All to say, I have WAY too much footage of those foolish years (god help me!) Today, as I get ready to take a big leap… I couldn’t imagine doing it without MP by my side again. I am so unbelievably lucky to have such an amazing friend and I am honored to have her standing next to me as my Maid of Honor.

MeliAmélie McDonald – Bridesmaid

Meli is like my long lost sister! We first met as rivals (Earlton vs. Liskeard) playing junior volleyball and basketball. Little did we know we would become such good friends in high school… having so many laughs and crazy nights in Quebec and then KG! Meli is my ultimate go-to party-girl! Life has made it that we’ve been in different cities since high school, but that has never come in the way of our fun!! Warning: trouble always seems to find us (too many Wasaga, Spain and Morocco stories!)…  but I wouldn’t change us for the world! A few years ago, I stood so proudly by Meli as she married such a great guy! And now, I couldn’t imagine getting married without my Meli-balls standing next to me!

ValValérie Fortin – Bridesmaid

Oh Val, my Forksterator! Val and I met in undergrad! It’s a thing that Frenchies from northern Ontario regroup and party together in the city… but Val is just a sweetheart with a wild side, and it’s hard not to fall in love with her! After Uni, Val and I became roommates and boy did we make the most of it! So many volleyball nights and awesome girl nights in our living room belting out old Backstreet Boy tunes on karaoke! Our many nights at Hooleys, our obsession with pad thai and our amazing trips to NYC and Vegas have given us such great memories until now! But there is more to come! There’s never been any doubt that Val would stand next to me when I was ready to say “I do”… I just wouldn’t have it any other way! 😉


JenJennifer Turcotte – Bridesmaid

As cousins, Jen and I grew up together… But we became even closer as young adults! My family, my friend, my confidant, you would quickly notice that Jen is much more like a sister! Always opening up her home to me in all my bouncing back between Beirut and Montreal, I couldn’t have done the big move to Lebanon without her moral support! These days, Jen and I wait for my trips back home to rip out the Strawberry Daquiris, sit outside and make some oh-so-amazing sushi nights!! I feel blessed and confident knowing that Jen so strongly believes in Ramzi and me. Seeing Jen stand next to me on my wedding day will make me the happiest girl ever!

KarimKarim Mansour – Best Man

My partner at work, my bestest of friends, my brotha’ from the same motha’. Karim has been there throughout my life life and has provided me with the most fruitful advice and objective guidance throughout every single stage. Thanks to him, I now have a longer neck, which gave me the extra inches needed to reach 6’0 feet.




ChristianChristian Khoury – Groomsman

Inseparable throughout our lives, it is only natural that he has to be there during my wedding day (or “the end” as he likes to eloquently put it).  Born only 4 days apart, Christian, was often mistaken for my twin brother. As we kind of look the same and have a similar walk, I just hope that Mel doesn’t mistaken him for me as she walks down the aisle!



Ronny2Ronny Shibley – Groomsman

Once there was this guy with long hair roller blading in the street. I stopped him and asked: “hey man, wanna be friends?” and we’ve been roller blading together since…. Ok not literally because it sounded like the introduction of brokeback mountain, but Ronny has been my best friend since the day I moved to Montréal. We’ve studied, partied, worked, and cried together – while cutting onions of course!





Hadi Kahil – GroomsmanHadi kid

20 years ago, I really wanted to play laser tag. So I called everyone that lived in the same neighborhood to play. Everyone declined, but one person was left. And that person was Hadi. Since that day, we became best friends! From high school in Beirut, to University in Montréal, we were neighbours, then roomates, and now… groommates!