Our Story


How We Met…

… In Montréal, Quebec, during our first MBA class!

August 21st

First Kiss | HEC, Montréal

photo (4)During our MBA Halloween party, we took a break from bartending (yes, we were the designated bartenders!) We took a walk outside, et voila!

October 28th

First Date | Côté Soleil, Montréal

First DateOur first official date that didn’t include any books or computers, just good poached eggs, was at Côté Soleil in plateau Mont-Royal.

November 6th

First Home | Lyon, France

11After a very long and stressful 8 months in the MBA, we rented our first studio in Lyon during our exchange program.

April 16th

First Trip | EUROPE

40After a warm croissant in Paris, we shared beers at the Guinness factory in Dublin, ate fish n’ chips at Old Trafford stadium in Manchester, bathed in the Budapest’s famous Szechenyi Baths, wandered in the romantic streets of Prague, then lounged on a quiet Croatian island… but it doesn’t end there! It was followed by Mel’s first trip to Beirut!

June 2nd

Crash course on Lebanon

52We decided to move to Lebanon to help with the family business. Mel decided to take an arabic class which proved to be quite helpful!

Mel’s most used sentence since: Tnen Man2ouché jebneh ma3 banadoura w na3na3 w rashet 7arr please! merci kteer!

October 30th

The Very Long Distance | BEY – YUL

15Melissa was offered an awesome job in Montreal, so we did a lot of back and forth and a lot of Skype dates!

June 16th

The Turning Point | Ocho Rios, Jamaica

P1040113Rum, Reggae, and Love… Jamaica was such a blissful experience. We knew that we were in for the long term.

February 22nd

The Big Move | Beirut Lebanon

Mel n' Ramz BatrounMelissa sells her BBQ, packs her bags, and more bags, and some boxes, and even more boxes, then hops on a plane, and, magically, after 24 hours and 2 layovers, here we are, together again! Yay!

June 21st

The Proposal | Tulum, Mexico

THE PROPOSALRamzi asks an American tourist who was enjoying the sun next to us on a beautiful white sand beach to take a picture of us on top of the large pyramid-like rock which we were sitting on. Little did Melissa know, Ramzi had plotted with the fine gentleman to actually take a video instead (see homepage video)! As Melissa starts stepping towards the edge of the rock, the couple’s favourite song starts playing in the background… as she turns around, here he is, on one knee, with a big smile on his face, with her engagement ring sparkling in the sun…

January 8th

The Big Day | Playa del Carmen, Mexico

NYE 2013Surrounded by you, our wonderful family and friends, we will celebrate our story and our love! Let’s write this part together: PLAYA DEL CARMEN, HERE WE COME!

January 8th